Charlie Hunter
January 4, 2010

Fresh brine steps

Plodding on pulled skin

Every sighing symbol instant

Shattering across space

Elephant’s scream aqua tube

Rustling chimes

Cool jabbing wind

Radiate glance tingle

Pores pucker

Face is transient thudding flesh

Bones of dissected beading energy

Fresh breaks

Cluster centers of clear penetrating light

Along chords joints stretch

Passages in sound, quadrants of content

Shuffling steps

Hot clay of the market

In-between amebas dusting

Hips twisting

Throwing hands across bare stoves

Dirt and thrusting bodies

Mother lets cry an apartment window

The cars sweeping below hear her

Across honkytonk avenues mating call

And boy’s skyline leaking

Papa’s drooling bass altitudes

The wind beating orange reliefs

Inward thrusting roofs collapse in sun set

Moaning exhaust

Across causeways of sense clusters

A beating orgasm of city centers

Inward jabbing knifing twisting

one beautiful dripping crystalline inner world

Receptor of fresh lightning soaked mantra

Bubbling fresco light generator

Brimming retina

Eco- electric infusion, confusion of integration

The other biped-eminences

Are jazz and respect